Budgeting Moving

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Budgeting your moving expenses will require you to decide which items you want a moving company to transport and which items you will move on your own. If you are going to handle the entire move yourself, determine the approximate weight of all the items in order to rent the right kind of vehicle. There are many unknown variables that can arise during your move, so it is better to overestimate the cost to be safe.

Moving Costs

If you are using a mover for the bulk of your items, get an estimate from a few different companies and pick one that is well-established and offers a good price. The more you have them move, the higher the cost you will have to pay will probably be since most movers charge by the pound. The distance of your move is also a factor you must consider in your budget. The mover’s estimate should cover all of the above so you can budget accordingly.


If you are going to store some of your items after the move, contact several storage facilities in your new location and compare the costs. Find out if the units are air conditioned before you choose a facility, since some of your items may need to be kept in a cool environment.