Comparing Moving Company Rates

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If you get several different moving company rates before you finalize your move, you can compare them to see which offers the most safety for the best price. The one with the lowest offer may not be the one to choose if they are not an established company. It is better to pay a little more and have good reason to feel secure with the mover than risk your property with a cheaper company that is unproven.

Compare Different Movers

If you have different moving companies estimate the cost of your move, you can often negotiate to have the one you feel the safest with match your lowest offer. If your favorite is already the lowest bidder, you can still try to get them to drop the price further by haggling a little on the cost per pound or the amount of pre-move package wrapping they will do.

What to Look Out For

If one of the movers gives you an estimate that is suspiciously low relative to the other companies, you should make sure they have a solid reputation before you accept the offer. The company should be well known, not an independent start-up that is trying to gain business by slashing their competitors’ prices.