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A VA loan may be used for a variety of different home purchases. If you are a military member, you must meet all qualifications in order to use a VA loan for the purchase of a home. The VA loan can be used for many different types of loans. Here is a brief list.

  • Buying a New Home: You can use a VA loan for the construction of a new home.
  • Buying a Townhouse or Condo Unit: The project must be approved by the VA in order for the complex to be eligible.
  • Repairing a Home: You can also buy a home and improve it at the same time by using a VA loan.
  • Refinancing Your Existing Home: You can refinance your existing VA loan in order to get a lower interest rate and add energy efficient improvements.
  • Refinancing a Manufactured Home Loan to Buy a Lot: If you already own a manufactured home that you purchased with a VA loan, you can then refinance the loan in order to buy a lot on which you will place your manufactured home.