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Whether you want to put an addition on your house, or make some repairs, a home improvement loan mortgage may be the answer to your needs. Once you decide to apply for a home improvement loan, your lender will require some information in order to process your request.

What Your Lender Will Need

To approve your home improvement loan, your lender will need some specific items. These can include:

  • Primary mortgage information
  • Tax returns
  • Employment information
  • Written repair or improvement estimate

Step 1 - Choose Your Lender

You do not have to use your first mortgage lender for a home improvement loan. Shop around in your area and online, to find the loan that best meets your needs. Make sure to understand all of the terms and conditions, before you choose your lender.

Step 2 - Loan Application

Fill out the application, and submit it for approval. If additional information is required, your lender will contact you with the specifics.

Step 3 - After You Are Approved

When you close on your loan, make sure the payment and loan term are correct. Once you have finished the closing, deposit your check and pay your home contractors as needed.