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Once you have selected an appraiser be prepared to answer questions and provide requested information such as:
  • What is the purpose of the appraisal?
  • When is the required completion date of the appraisal?
  • Is the property listed for sale and if so for how much and with whom?
  • Is there a mortgage? If so with whom when was it placed for how much type of mortgage [FHA VA etc.] interest rate and are there any other types of financing.
  • What personal property such as appliances are included ?
  • If it is an income producing property a breakdown of income and expenses for the last year or two and a copy of leases.
  • A copy of deed survey purchase agreement or other pertinent papers pertaining to the property.
  • A copy of current real estate tax bill statement of special assessments balance owing and on what [sewer water etc.].