Hiring a Professional Mover: Getting Estimates

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When relocating your valuables from one place to another, a professional mover will be of an utmost important service to you--provided that there are certain issues clarified with this said professional mover.


The most important thing of course would be the monetary issues concerning the move. There are two types of expenses that must be clarified - binding and non-binding estimates. These charges will be considered as a minimum charge for the services and they must be clarified before hiring them. After receiving the quotations, you must inquire as to how long the professional mover has been in business for, so that you may gauge the expertise that the company provides. The more experienced they are, the more reliable they are likely to be and how accurate the estimates are. Quotations should be compared between different professional moving companies to ensure that a company is not trying to rip you off. Try choosing a quote that is in the average price range of what you have received as quotes that are too low may mean that they provide a terrible service.

Hidden Charges

Other additional charges may also appear in the final bill. These include packing, interstate charges, storage, and more. People sometimes make a mistake by not asking about this “hidden” charges, so one should always find out more about them. When the movers come to pick up your valuables, make sure that they are tagged so all of the items are easily identifiable just in case mishaps occur. It is possible to claim insurance on any damaged property that was caused during the move.

Moving Process

Finally, at the end of the moving process, when the Professional Mover arrives at the destination, be sure to assign at least one person to overlook the quality of the valuables and checklist them, another to designate the placement of the boxes in question, and also one to handle the professional mover himself to settle all charges. Double check your payments and clarify the charges as previously given to you.