How to Get a Credit Card after Bankruptcy

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It is important to get a credit card after bankruptcy in order to re-establish a good credit history. It can be hard to find a card after bankruptcy. Getting a secured credit card can be a good option and help you get a conventional card in the future.

Save For a Deposit

You will need to make a deposit into a savings account that the card issuer holds. It is usually a couple hundred dollars and this will be your credit limit on the card.

Apply For a Card

Several banks offer secured credit cards. Look for the one with lowest interest rate and annual fees. Also, see if the bank will offer to move your secured card to a conventional card after a designated time period. If you pay on time every month, you should be able to get a traditional credit card in 6 months to a year.

Use Your Card Wisely

Make small purchases and pay them off every month. Be sure to keep your balances low, and never go over thirty percent of your limit. By following these steps, you will greatly increase your credit score and be eligible for better card offers.