How Long Does an Inquiry Stay on Your Credit Report?

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Credit inquiries remain on your credit report for two years, or 24 months from the date they were made.

When applying for a mortgage or other types of loans, credit inquiries are often made. They're also made when you apply for credit cards or jobs. Credit inquiries don't necessarily hurt your credit score. However, if you see the phrase "too many inquiries" on your credit report, it can make lenders cautious. This can hurt only if you decide to take out another loan or open another credit account during the two year period the inquiries are on your credit report.

If you decide to make your own inquiry on your credit - such as viewing your credit report in detail - your inquiry will not appear on your credit report. Only inquiries made by companies and reporting agencies are visible on your credit report.

Reporting agencies are agencies that collect your credit information and report them to other companies that make inquiries. If you see an unfamiliar company that is making inquiries into your credit, chances are it's a reporting agency. In any case, you should check your credit report regularly. Don't be afraid to ask about unfamiliar terms or companies that may appear.