Getting Mortgage Loans for People with Bad Credit

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Despite popular belief, mortgage loans for people with bad credit are possible. Any loan awarded to a borrower with a credit score below 600 is considered subprime. Though it can be difficult to receive a subprime loan, there are many options available for potential homebuyers with poor credit and proper steps to take.

Step 1 - Assess Your Credit Score
Before people with bad credit can get mortgage loans, they first need to run their credit report. Look for any out-of-date or false information in the report. Request that closed accounts be removed, and make sure none of your personal or financial information is incorrectly or falsely reported. Fixing credit report errors will instantly improve your credit score, making it that much easier to get an affordable mortgage loan. The higher your credit score, the lower your loan's interest rate and monthly payment.

Step 2 - Choose a Reputable Lender
There are plenty of lenders who can help you receive a bad credit mortgage loan. You can call lenders directly and discuss your options, or you can go online to compare and contrast online lenders.

Another mortgage loans option for people with bad credit is the Federal Housing Administration. The FHA helps potential homebuyers get affordable mortgages by offering reduced down payment requirements and fewer credit requirements. If your credit score is in need of a makeover, ask your lender if you can qualify for an FHA loan.

Step 3 - Don’t Withhold Information
Remember that other people needing mortgage loans also have bad credit, so don’t be embarrassed by your finances. Rather, be proactive and take the necessary steps to improve your credit. This includes paying bills on time and controlling your debt. Luckily, a mortgage can also help you improve your credit score if you make payments on time.

To qualify for a subprime loan, you'll need to provide proof of income. This includes paystubs and income tax returns. Lenders request income verification so they know you'll be able to honor the mortgage payments.

Step 4 - Watch Out for Additional Charges
Lenders suppose that mortgage applicants with bad credit are less likely to repay their loans on schedule. To counteract the subprime loan risk, lenders issue a loan with a higher interest rate. They also incorporate higher late fees and prepayment penalties, which fine the borrower for paying off their mortgage ahead of schedule.

Another mortgage loans tip for people with bad credit is to fully review payment guidelines with the lender. Do not agree to loan terms or monthly payment amounts that you cannot afford. If you cannot fulfill your mortgage payments on time and in full, your credit score could become even worse.

Step 5 - Complete the Application Process
Once you have chosen a reputable lender and have fully assessed your finances and loan options, it’s time to complete the application process. Ask your lender if they offer incentives to borrowers who make their mortgage payments on time and in full. This helps both parties involved: it helps the lender receive repayment of the loan, and it helps the borrower improve their credit score. If you make numerous successive mortgage payments on time, many lenders will reward you by slightly reducing your loan’s interest rate.