Negotiating Your Moving Company Estimate

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When you have received a moving company estimate for your relocation, you can negotiate with the mover to get a better price. The easiest way to gain leverage is by having several moving companies compete for your business.

Shop Around

Check with several movers to see how their offers compare. Try to use a well-known mover and beware of companies that are relatively new since they may not be as proficient.

Once you have had a few movers give you written estimates, compare the different prices and narrow your choice down to the two best offers.

Negotiate the Price

There are a few ways you can negotiate. You can have the two movers compete by trying to get them involved in a bidding contest. How hard you push is up to you, but you should be able to get a lower price.

You can also negotiate the amount of pounds included in the move to try to get a mover to give you a reduction. For example, if you are moving 2,000 pounds, ask the mover to give you a 10 percent discount if you agree to move 100 pounds yourself. If the mover wants your business, it will have to lower its price or risk having you go to one of its competitors.