Proof of Service Requirements for VA Home Loans

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The Department of Veterans Affairs has different requirements for proof of service in order to be approved for VA home loans, depending on whether you are active in the military or you are an honorably discharged veteran. This proof must be produced in order for your VA loan to be finalized.

Current Military Member

If you are on active military duty, the VA requires a statement to be signed by your unit commander. The statement must have your name, your current rank and your Social Security number. It must also specify the nature of your current active duty service commitment or the term of your current assignment.


If you are an honorably discharged veteran of the military, you will need to produce a copy of your Defense Department Form 214, or DD214, to meet the proof of service requirement. This is the form you received when you were honorably discharged from military service.

If you are unable to find your DD214, it can be obtained for free by contacting the National Personnel Record Center. This can take some time to receive, so if you are in need of the DD214 in a few days, a fee-based company can also retrieve it for you.