Questions to Ask Moving Companies

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When you are relocating and you require the services of moving companies, it is prudent that a level of assurance and safety has been established, not just with your valuables, but also with the money you will be spending on them. A good checklist of questions you could use in concert with the moving company would solve a list of issues. Below are some of these very questions.

Is the moving company registered with the Department of Transportation, and if so, what is their Registration Number?

Authentication is an issue not to be trifled with.

Are there international/interstate shipping services?

It depends where you are moving to. Some relocating companies do not move items between different states or provinces, and some do not move items between countries.

Is the moving company subcontracted? If so, get a hold of the name(s) and contact information of the subcontractor.

Knowing who is responsible is a major issue. Accountability lays with the main company.

Are there additional charges?

Hidden costs can become a major burden, so clarify this.

Are there options for storage? If so, find out the details.

Sometimes, the new location may not be ready for the movers to deposit your valuables, so a storage option does not hurt.

Are there packing services?

If this option is available, take note of it.

Are there binding estimates?

When it comes to money, it is important to note how much is being charged and how much is the minimum you are expected to pay.

Are there non-binding estimates?

A tricky situation for the client, a must know charge.

Is there insurance, and if so, how much and what is being covered under this insurance?

When it concerns your properties and valuables in the hands of others, there are chances of mishaps and if these occur, it is better to have insurance against such accidents.

Are there references?

A good credible company should have a list of references for the new clients.

Are there easy claim? And if so, how much has been claimed this year?

A question with a double edge, whereby you can be assured of claims if mishaps occur and also to gauge just how reliable the company is by asking them how much has been claimed from them. This shows their record of efficiency and together with the references, you can be sure to check all the necessary details.

Is there a guarantee of a delivery time frame?

If the movers cannot deliver on time, there is no point in hiring them.

Is there a reduced rate of charges if pick-up time and delivery time is more flexible on the client’s part?

A good way of saving money for the client.