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If you are planning to move, you are probably wondering how you can save money on your move. Relocating out of state, or even across town, can be more expensive than you might think. The first step to saving money on your move is calculating your estimated expenses. Before you can reduce expenses, you must first know exactly what costs you will incur. When calculating moving costs, be sure to include expenses such as moving supplies, labor, trip costs such as fuel and oil, truck rental fees and any special packaging for transporting fragile items. 

Reduce Moving Trip Expenses

Once you have estimated your expenses, you can begin to find ways to reduce them. First, if you plan to use a moving company, call 5 to 10 different companies and get estimates. You may find that there is a big difference in rates between different companies. Second, avoid moving during the summer months, if you can help it. The summer months are prime moving season. Movers tend to be busier and have higher rates during the summer, due to the high demand. If possible, move during the fall or winter. 

Save Money with Moving & Labor Costs

Another way to save on moving expenses is to book your moving company 6 to 8 weeks in advance. This will allow you time to
negotiate pricing, and get everything packed properly before the movers arrive. If you hire movers at the last minute, you will usually pay premium prices. For additional savings, consider moving on a weekday. Rates for moving companies are usually cheapest during the weekdays. This is typically the case for truck and moving van rentals too.

If you are relocating out of state, you can request for the moving company to deliver your household items on a weekday. Weekend delivery services typically have more expensive rates, compared to weekday rates. Another way to reduce moving expenses is to ask the moving company to include extra items such as packing blankets, or a dolly for free. These items are typically rented at an additional cost. However, if you are willing to negotiate with the moving company, they may throw-in additional items for free.  

Pack Efficiently & Make Fewer Trips

If you are moving your belongings yourself, be sure to pack your vehicle as efficiently as possible. The better you can pack your vehicle, the fewer trips you have to make between your old home and your new home. You can also reduce trip expenses by using larger vehicles to carry more boxes. Another way to save money is to reduce the cost of moving supplies. Instead of buying boxes, visit your local grocery store, and ask for their spare boxes. 

Save on Moving Supplies & Deductible Moving Expenses

You can also purchase bulk packaging supplies, such as bubble wrap or moving tape, at large wholesaler or discount stores. Finally, if you are moving in connection with a new job, see if your employer will reimburse you for a portion of your moving expenses. Many employers offer relocation assistance and expense reimbursement.