Tips for Reducing Title and Escrow Fees

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As a homebuyer, you encounter several fees, such as title and escrow fees, that you are responsible for. Title and escrow fees have built-in minor fees such as recording and title premiums that can make the overall cost expensive. What you may not know is that you can negotiate to reduce the title and escrow fees. Here are four tips to aid you in reducing title and escrow fees.

Be Knowledgeable

You must first know how the process works. Educate yourself on title and escrow fees and how the affect your contract.  In addition, check out your state's regulations to determine what companies can and cannot do


When selecting a company to handle your title and escrow fees, ask for referrals from friends and family. The referral should be for a specific person, not a company. He or she should be familiar with your property type.


Inquire about any discounts or incentives that can help reduce the cost. Be aware that these discounts may not affect you initially. It is still good to know how you can reduce your cost over time.


Review all paperwork. Ask that that your escrow officer to allow you to review the settlement statement prior to the closing.