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A VA energy-efficient mortgage provides veterans and active military personnel with a way to access a cheaper loan for an energy-efficient home. These individuals can also use this type of mortgage in order to pay for renovations to an existing house to make it energy efficient. Here are the basics of the VA energy-efficient mortgage and why it is beneficial.


With the funds from this mortgage, veterans and active military personnel can purchase a home that is energy efficient and take advantage of lower utility bills. 

This loan program is also going to provide veterans with an advantage over traditional energy-efficient mortgages. With this program, the individual does not have to come up with any down payment for the loan. With other energy-efficient mortgages, you may have to come up with at least 3 percent down. 

You will also be able to get a lower interest rate for this program than you would with other loan programs. Eligible applicants can also qualify with questionable credit histories.

Acceptable Improvements

Under this program, there are several improvements that would qualify. You could use the money for solar heating systems, caulking and weatherstripping, furnace efficiency modifications, water heater insulation, and many more projects.