VA Loans: Occupancy Rules

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VA loans have occupancy rules that must be met in order for a military member to qualify. If you are applying for a VA loan to buy a home, you must certify that the home is going to be your primary residence. Usually you must move into the home within two months after you close on the loan. You can get an extension if necessary, for up to one year.

Deployments and Change of Station Orders

If you get reassigned, you can let your spouse stay in the home, but you cannot bring your spouse with you to the new base and let your relatives move into your home.

Your home must be your primary residence, and you must have proof of this in the form of documents that show you are living in the home most of the time. These documents can be utility bills, cable bills or any others that you can produce which show you are using the specific home that your VA loan was granted for.