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If you are a qualified member of the military interested in obtaining a VA mortgage loan, you will have to provide some information in order for your lender to review your loan request. By having these items on hand, you can speed up the loan decision process so you can get a faster loan closing. Here is a list of the information you will need:

  • Your Social Security number
  • Your address information for the past two years
  • Employment information, including company name and address for the past two years
  • Your current gross monthly income
  • Checking and savings account number and balances, and the bank name and address
  • Loan account numbers, lender names and addresses and monthly payment amounts
  • If you own other real estate, all address and loan information on the property
  • Estimated value of all the furniture and personal property you possess
  • If you are a veteran, you must provide a copy of your DD214 Certificate of Eligibility
  • A recent paystub from your employer, and your W2 forms for the past two years
  • If you are self-employed, the past two years of personal tax returns and a current income statement and balance sheet for your business