What Are Mortgage Title Fees?

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There are a lot fees associated with mortgages such as mortgage title fees. Whenever you are purchasing or selling a property, mortgage title fees will assessed. Mortgage title fees are more commonly known as closing cost. Closing costs are assessed as part of the financial transaction. There is a variety of costs that can be covered under title fees.

Title Policy

The title policy identifies covers the seller by providing a clean title to the purchaser. It also protects the buyer from any debt or liens associated with the property.

Recording Fees

Recording fees is the cost associated with filing the new title with the new owner’s information and showing the transfer of property at the local clerk’s office.

Notary Fee

Any official documentation to be filed requires notarization. The notarization verifies that all parties are in agreeance, have signed the paperwork, and that a party with no interest in the transaction has witnessed it.

Transfer Taxes

Before a title can be transferred, the title company must provide a statement verifying that the taxes have been paid on the property. The title company also makes the buyer aware of any taxes he or she may owe. The company can charge a fee for research and providing this information.