What Is an All-in-One Mortgage?

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An all-in-one mortgage is an interesting mortgage concept, combining the features of a checking account and a home equity loan with a home loan to reduce the overall fees and interest paid on the loan. The savings account part of the mortgage enables borrowers to deposit money into the account to offset the cost of the fees and interest. The more money borrowers deposit into the account, the more they pay on the principle balance of the loan.

At the same time, if needed, the money deposited into the account can still help by being withdrawn as cash in the form of a home equity loan. This loan type tries to mimic the structure of an offset mortgage. This is a mortgage type that should only be used by those who are able to stick to a budget. If an all-in-one mortgage is used by people who have difficulties with budgets,  a debt crisis can occur because they will be able to withdraw more money out of the mortgage than they put into it.

Not all lenders offer an all-in-one mortgages, and not all borrowers will qualify. Those who are interested in this loan type should contact their lender to see if this loan option is available.