What Is a Delinquent Mortgage?

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A delinquent mortgage occurs when you do not make your mortgage loan payment on time. If you are having trouble making a payment, you should contact your mortgage lender before the loan becomes delinquent. They may be able to arrange a temporary solution so that your credit rating does not become affected by the late payment. If the problem persists, the lender may have to foreclose on your loan.

Delinquent Mortgage

If you cannot make a mortgage payment on time, contact your mortgage lender and ask them to give you an extension on your loan. Most lenders will do this for up to 60 days, on a case-by-case basis. You will pay a partial amount of your payment, possibly the interest, but it depends on the lender. This will allow you to maintain your credit rating by avoiding the delinquency.

If the reason you are unable to pay the full amount is permanent--if, for instance, serious medical problems have occurred--call your lender to see if they can arrange a mortgage modification. This is a permanent reduction in your loan payment, usually accomplished by extending your loan term. The monthly savings can be used to help pay your other debts so you can preserve your credit rating.