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Your Chances of Getting Mortgage Loans with Bad Credit Scores

In order to avoid pitfalls of mortgage loans for bad credit, make sure you understand where you stand on the scale of being a risk so that you know if you really need to pursue alternative options or not.

The Advantages of Mortgage Pre-Approval

The pre-approval process is not required to obtain a mortgage, but many borrowers like knowing ahead of time what to expect.

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on October 16th 2013 in Home Buying Tips

Current 2013 Mortgage Rates Versus 2012: A Look Back

Over the span of 30 years, a few percentage points here and there add up and can add thousands of dollars each year onto the balance of the loan.

Avoid the Pitfalls of Mortgage Loans for Bad Credit

It may seem impossible to secure a loan with a bad credit history, but there are a number of ways to finance the purchase of a home using methods that don't require a conventional lender.

Is Mortgage Prequalification the Way to Go?

Buyers interested in purchasing a home will often choose to go through the mortgage prequalification process to determine if they will qualify for a loan or to find out what roadblocks could prevent them from qualifying.

30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rate Trends in 2013

Homebuyers should keep an eye on the home buying market as well as on mortgage rate trends to help decide when to buy and when to wait.

Who are the Reliable Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders?

Finding bad credit mortgage lenders is key to learning about what types of mortgages will be a good fit for buyers who need a little extra assistance in qualifying for a loan.

Summer Mortgage Rate Trends Historically Fall

Mortgage rates are another factor affected by seasons. For example, mortgage rates typically fall during the summer months to attract buyers.

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on September 30th 2013 in Mortgage Loan News

FHA Loan vs Conventional Loans for First-Time Buyers

Looking at an FHA loan vs. a conventional loan is a good first step toward choosing a loan that is a good fit.

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on September 27th 2013 in Home Buying Tips

How to Avoid Origination Fees

If a home buyer is interested in qualifying for a mortgage, but wants to know how to avoid origination fees, it's important to know that, while some fees are reasonable, such as a loan origination fee, others called "junk fees" are not.

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on September 25th 2013 in Mortgage Loan News